Deacon Mission Statement: The Deacon Ministry is charged with oversight in all matters pertaining to the temporal welfare of individuals with in the church. This responsibility includes matters of social assistance (financial, food, clothing, and shelter), adhering to the immediate needs of the church (communion prep, sick visitation and hospitality) and assisting the church staff and Elders in matters of church welfare and administration.

Deacon Ministry Teams: The mission of the Deacon Ministry is carried out by its various working teams as follows:

Members of the Deacon Ministry:

  • Jill Cody
  • Lenore Callahan
  • Misty Ettelbrick
  • Laurie Jenkins
  • Brian Kiel
  • Jeff Longbons
  • Wayne Nickell
  • Ellen Pointner 
  • Cathy Riemer 
  • Heather Wiggins
  • John Wilson

Contact Deacons: – Deacons can be reached by calling the church office or by sending an email to