Life Answers

On Saturday, November 4, 2018, 8:30am-4:15pm, Community Fellowship Church hosted a full-day “Life Answers” gathering. People had the opportunity to pick 5 out of 25 workshops that were 50 minutes long and included a 10-15 minute time of questions and discussion. The purpose of this day was to provide a gateway to life change.

The response was tremendous and we received many requests to make these available again. So, we’ve set aside 6 Sundays, February 18- March 25th, to offer workshops on the topics of growing in discipleship, understanding contemporary culture, and sacred marriage.


Growing in Discipling Workshop Series

Understanding Our Culture Workshop Series

Sacred Marriage DVD Series

When and Where


or 11:00-12:10, Room 112 C

9:20-10:30AM, Room 113

11:00am-12:10pm, Room 209 A & B

Feb. 18th

Reliability of the Bible: Team

Jesus and Politics: Enoch Haven

God’s Purpose for Marriage: More Than We Imagine

Feb. 25th

How Do I Interpret the Bible: Jim Libby

Technology, Devices and Distractions - What Are We to Do?: Brian Ondracek

The Refining Power of Marriage

Mar. 4th

The Role of the Holy Spirit: Nick Ettelbrick

Understanding God’s Vision For Sex In Our LGBT Moment: Enoch Haven

The God-Centered Spouse

Mar. 11th

How Do I Have a Rich Devotional Life:

Laura and Mark Barwegan

How Do I Deal with Anxiety?:

Jenn Andreas and Jeff Payne

Sacred History

Mar. 18th

What is a Disciple:

Laura Barwegan

Jesus and Diversity: Andrew Denton

Sexual Saints

Mar. 25th

How Do I Share My Faith Naturally:

Ed Evans

What About Evolution: Jim Libby

Marriage: The Love Laboratory