Community Fellowship

Women's Summer Book Connect

Every Wednesday from 06/17/2020 to 08/26/2020

Coordinator: Donna Schnaufer |

Ladies join us for our weekly Summer Book Connect as we take a closer look into the concept of 'how we think, shapes how we live' by reading, “Get Out of Your Head", by Jennie Allen.


GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD will help you:

  • Identify the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Understand the science behind why your thoughts can change your life
  • Recognize your God-given power to confront and overcome your toxic thoughts
Starting Wednesday, June 17th through August 26th
9:00 AM at your Leaders Home

Please purchase your book by June 14th so you can have it for your first meeting. You can find the book on by using this  Amazon link here

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