Holy Week Activities

Holy Week morning reflections

Video reflections posted each morning by 6:30am, April 6 - 10. Our theme for the week is The final words of Jesus.

Monday, April 6 | "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" | Matthew 27:46 | Genzo Yamamotto | youtube.com/watch?v=vu2CoHs8h4o

Tuesday, April 7 | "Father, forgive them…" | Luke 23:34 | Margaret Bangert | youtu.be/DEMhbEFs5ZM

Wednesday, April 8 | "…today you will be with me in paradise" | Luke 23:43 | Joseph Weaver | youtu.be/jSt-bJu-e3w

Thursday, April 9 | "Dear woman, here is your son!..." and "I thirst" | John 19:26-28 | Heidi Appleton | youtu.be/Og7AJh6dceQ

Friday, April 10 | "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit" | Luke 23:46 | Jeff Payne | youtu.be/qBos_Kuo-dc


Good Friday

Good Friday Online Seder Event | April 10, 6:00pm(CST) or 7:30pm(CST) | Ben Tyler

As you know, we aren’t able to gather for the Seder, however, Jews for Jesus will be live-streaming the Seder event and making it open to everyone. In this live-stream event, explore the link between the ancient Jewish feast of Passover and the last supper Jesus shared with His disciples.

Jews for Jesus is streaming the event throughout the week including several times on Good Friday (April 10). We strongly encourage all who are able to tune in and participate, especially during either the 6:00pm(CST-refer to #2 below) or 7:30pm (CST-refer to #2 below) time slots. We believe this will be a valuable element of your Good Friday observance.  

A few notable details:

  1. You must go to jewsforjesus.org/christ-in-the-passover-online to register for the event. It is scheduled to last 1 hour with Q&A to follow.  The actual Seder lasts about 30 minutes or so, and is extremely well done. The rest of the time includes introductory comments, a testimony or two, an appeal for financial support, and a time for Q&A.
  2. Please note that on the registration page all time slots are listed in Eastern Time. You can choose your time zone in the select box to convert those times to your location.
  3. In the online format, this event is not very interactive. Those with very young children (under age 5) may do well to prepare another activity to help hold their attention while the presentation is taking place.
  4. One helpful feature of this format is that you can ask questions in the chat box, and get real-time answers from the Jews for Jesus staff.

Lastly, our hope is that you would be exceedingly blessed by seeing the rich symbolism of Christ in the Jewish Feast of Passover. We also hope that you would connect with your family, and/or small group to discuss what you learned. To that end, here is a brief guide to explain what a Seder is along with a few discussion questions for after the Seder.


Easter Celebrations 

Easter Online Celebration Service | April 12, 10:00am | Livestream | Acts 2:22-39 |  Will Pavone