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Host Family Information/Registration Form

Thank you for expressing your interest to serve as a host family and bring missions into your home. Completion of this form is not a commitment but does signify the interest and desire you and your family have to be considered as a host family for a teen from Spain in July 2020. The information you provide will be used by local host churches to select host families and by Young Life Catalunya to assist in placing teens with host families. Thank you for answering each question with complete and accurate information.

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Home Address


Have you read the Young Life / USA Camp – July 2020 information packet? (

If there is a program need, are you able to host more than one teen?

Is one parent (adult) able to be at home each day during the weeks you host a teen? (Approximate dates for hosting a teen from Catalunya, Spain are June 29 – July 5 and July 11– 26.)

Training for host families will be held in May/June, 2020. Do you agree to attend and make these training events a priority in your schedule?

Your printed/typed name (signature) on this Family Information / Registration form signifies your understanding and acceptance of the following:

  • Your desire and availability to be a host family in July 2020.
  • Your cooperation with program leadership from Young Life Catalunya and local host churches with your selection as a host family and the placement of a teen in your home.
  • Your willingness to uphold the purpose and integrity of the program and acceptance of the responsibilities of a host family.