Shalom Outreach

Welcome to Community Fellowship Shalom Outreach! We're here to serve our neighbors and communities together on the basis of the Gospel. We desire to be active in mission and live on mission for Christ locally.


Shalom – (Hebrew concept, greeting)

A vision first articulated in the Old Testament but then coming expression in the New Testament; a state in which human being is dwelling at peace in all his or her relationships: with God, with self, with others, with nature; it is not merely the absence of hostility; at its highest, it is enjoyment in one’s relationships. (Nicholas Wolterstorff – Until Justice and Peace Embrace)

 Shalom – is a ministry vision to model God’s love that’s at the center of how we think, relate, and act with each other and our community.  

  • HEAD – Understanding and sharing God’s love – His desire that we all experience fullness and well-being across all dimensions of life.
  • HEART – Engaging and stirring compassion for the vulnerable – the orphan, the widow, the stranger, the hungry, the vulnerable, the lost.
  • HANDS – Building relationships within our community through relief of immediate needs and longer-term support of well-being.

We are committed to the CF ministry strategy of Gather, Grow and Go. We see an unprecedented opportunity for the local church to show Christ's love and for those around us to "see [our] good works and give glory to [our] Father who is in heaven" (Matt. 5:16)!

Senior Pastor, Will Pavone, and Shalom Outreach Team Leader, Genzo Yamamoto, put together this video in early 2020 when the CF Outreach initiative was launched in response to community needs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The video is dated but provides the original vision for what has become the CF Shalom Outreach ministry.


We're so glad you asked! We'd love to get to know you to help find the best fit for your gifts and passions. Would you take a moment to fill out this information request? You can also fill it out by texting "Shalom" to 630-416-9277. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The next step for anyone interested in serving with the Shalom ministry is to attend the Shalom Engagement training – offered a few times each year. Contact us at   for more information about the next training session.

We look forward to partnering together with you!

Current Needed Items

Caring Network

Diapers (4, 5 and 6)

Baby Wipes, Diaper Rash Cream

Enfamil (various types but "yellow" is preferred)

Baby Shampoo, Wash and Lotion

World Relief

Gift Cards ($25-$75) - Amazon / Aldi / Goodwill / Target / Uber (for groceries, medicine, transportation)

Financial gifts to World Relief to help provide rent assistance to unemployed recipients

First Aid Kits with 140+ items

Men's Winter Coats (size Medium & Large)

Diapers - newborn

Men's deodorant

Postage Stamps

ALL DONATED ITEMS CAN BE DROPPED OFF in the black collection container found in the main entrance of the church on Sundays or during the week at the church office Monday -Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

CF's Outreach Vision for Holistic Ministry

  • God passionately cares about every dimension of our lives.
  • God calls us to be his agents, extending his holistic care to others.

You can engage as an individual, as a Family, and/or as a Small Group

However you engage, we want to journey with you! Let us know how you're engaging (see below).

Consider these Neighborhood and Community Outreach ideas for engagement.

Neighborhood Outreach

Plan a Prayer Walk around your Neighborhood. Offer encouragement, prayer and help to your neighbors. As you walk, distribute a flyer!

Why a prayer walk?
  • Physical engagement. We can move to see where our neighbors live. This can help us to pray. 
  • Openness to Engage.  The Lord might give you an opportunity to meet and begin to connect.
  • Help to Focus. Being there in person can help you stay focused in prayer and fight  various distractions.
Why a flyer?
  • Offers real care. Your help could significantly impact a neighbor in need.
  • Helps connect. Suburban homes can be isolated where you only meet when you take out the garbage!
  • Self introduction. Introduces you without requiring "bumping into each other".
So...What to do?
1) View testimonial Prayer Walk Video.
2) Let us know. If this is an individual or family project, please register here. If this is a Bible Study or Small Group project, let the group leader know.
3) Download the flyer template under the Resources tab.
4) Edit as you wish and print out. Add a quick personal note by hand.
5) Tell your group or coordinator how it went! What worked/didn't work?

Community Outreach

Help Provide Needed Resources to CF partner organizations (purchase and donate needed items).

  • Working as a community. When we work as together in community, the needs are more easily met.
  • Help meet immediate needs to help people thrive! We want people to experience full life. CF Shalom will try to keep the needs in our community current so opportunities will change from time to time.
Caring Network Logo

Assisting clients who have chosen life…

Current needs include:

  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • Wipes
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby lotion
World Relief Logo

Welcome and assist refugees and immigrants acclimate to new life… 

Volunteer Opportunities:

Current volunteer opportunities and donation list

So, What to do?

1) Let us know. If this is an individual or family project, please register here. If this is a Bible Study or Small Group project, let the group leader know and tell your story.

2) Tell your group or coordinator how it went! What worked/didn't work?


Prayer Walk Flyer Template

Prayer Walk Video

For more information:

       1) Reach out to us at

       2) The Shalom Team: Tania Birch, Caeli Santa Maria, Kati Shephardson, Eric Smith, Gordon Spahr, and Genzo Yamamoto