Student Ministries

Our student ministry programming (grades 6 through 12) meets on Thursdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the church. We spend our time engaging with God's word, with one another through games and fellowship and singing praises to Him. We'd love to see you and meet your friends! You can join us in person or virtually. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Student Ministries Director, Jake MacAdam at  .

Fall Camp

Date: Wo'manOctober 14-16
           Man - October 15-16

Location: Wo'man will be at a church family's cabin in Delavan, WI
                   Men will be at a local campground

Cost: $50.00

Deadline to Register: October 7

Register for Wo'man Camp

Register for Man Camp

Fall Programming

Fall '22 Ministry Schedule: (starts August 25th)

 For more information about our student ministry program check out our STUDS weekly newsletter, which is sent out every week on Monday. If you are not receiving the weekly newsletter and you'd like to get signed up, you can reach out to Jake MacAdam ( ) to be added!

The purpose of small groups is for students to further connect with one another and engage God's Word on a deeper and more personal level. These small groups are divided by genders and will include students of various grades in school. Once or twice a semester, our small groups will have "small group hangouts" led by the small group leaders which will involve fun activities and games to help the groups further bond together.

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